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The Lone Warrior

I Am A Lone Warrior Who Possess' Great Zeal Towards The Construction Of Music and Other Creative Artforms.
I Will Show Great Resistance Against Those Who Oppose and Try To Oppress Me, By Limiting Me With Endless Boundaries.

The Only Boundaries I Need To Have Are Those Of My Own Modesty.
I Will Show Great Resistance Against Those Who Try To Force, Meddle, Impair and Impose Harm Upon My Creative Thoughts And Ideas.
Deep Within Me Is An Ingenious Soul Which Will Never Die In The Search For Peace and Tranquility Through Creative Artforms.

Written By Ampthetex aka Steven Price

The Messiah

I'm back with this lyrical attack, Stored upon digital format.
Bow down on your knees before me, Come unto me
I am the messiah, Vocal exerciser, Beat creator, Sub bass terrorizer.
Don’t try to run, don’t try to hide, Come face the music.
Hold on tight and take the ride
There's nothing to fear!
Just slip 'n' slide within the sonic creation.
Made with skill and technology.
Past down from the old generation to the new.
Beats and Rhymes Revamped, Reused, Remixed, Renewed, Reviewed, Rated and slated.
Its do or die.
My ideas will never die.
I won’t give up or go away nor change what I believe in.
This is my dream, I'm here to stay.
After all I'm the messiah, Vocal exerciser, Beat creator, Sub bass terrorizer.
Come unto me and pray for deliverance and I will deliver.
As within all sonic creations, There is a message of deliverance.
Which should never be ignored.
So my message of deliverance to all is to follow your dreams with your heart.
Hold your head up high and let your shit fly.

Written By Ampthetex aka Steven Price

Vicious Circle

I've been Dogged, By So Many Problems
Anxiety, Stress
I Get So Depressed
Pissed Off!
I’m stuck In This Fucked up Mess
I Can’t Escape, Its Like Being Raped
I’m Gonna Break
I Think I’m Going Mad
I Feel So Sad
Am I So Bad, That I Should End It All?
Here and Now
Should I Cut the Track?
End the Track?
Fuck the Track?
Oh Shit!
I Think I’m Gonna Crack?
Pass Me the Smack and Let Me Get
Fucked Up, Tucked Up & All Relaxed
No More Problems
They Have Drifted Away
I Feel At Peace with Myself This Way
But Why Does the Peace Always Have To Cease?

Written By Ampthetex aka Steven Price

Die Boom Box

Boom Box Built Bionically
Powercut Interrupts Me
As I Communicate Sonically
Ground Breaking Technology
Installed Within the System
Keep Calm!
As The Beats Crusade like Warriors through the Software System
A Mindscape Vision, Snaps Me Back
To The Time I Cracked, Flapped
Blew the Whole Fucking Stack
Popped My Spine out My Back
Shit My Load like I just took A Load of Bad Crack
I Got Thrown Back
No Shit This Is the Track, Which Got Me Thrown from X-Trak?
I'm Back
Chemically Redesigned
No Way!

Written By Ampthetex aka Steven Price


I've come so close, yet so far away
I would have been nearer come yesterday
Yet today may never come
Tomorrows been yet not begun
These words to you may make no sense
Who gives a fuck its at your expense

Written By Ampthetex aka Steven Price




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