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Definition of Equalisation; Equalisation changes the tone and harmonics of a sound wave by changing the amplitude of frequencies in any waveform.

Basic Frequency Range's
Low Frequency - (30Hz-300Hz)
Low Mid Frequency - (300Hz-2.5KHz)
High Mid Frequency - (2.5KHz-8KHz)
High Frequency - (8KHz-20KHz)

Turnover Point is frequency you select to cut or boost.
Bandwidth is the area of the frequency of turnover point.
Frequency is the number of cycles per second.

Sweep EQ;
Has a fixed bandwidth, Variable gain and variable frequency.

Shelf EQ;
Variable gain and whole bandwidth, Low and high pass filters.
High frequencies can cut and boost everything above the turnover point.
Low frequencies can cut and boost everything below the turnover point.

Parametric EQ;
Has variable frequency, Variable gain and whole variable bandwidth.

Graphic EQ;
Collection of fixed frequencies, Variable gain and narrow bandwidth.




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