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Health and Safety

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Below are a few health and safety rules that should always be followed;

No liquids should be allowed in the studio, because it could get spilt over the mixing desk or other electrical devices.

No running or fooling about in the studio because this can lead to serious accidents and injury.

Everything must be earthed correctly.

The proper fuse ratings should always be used.

Make sure there are no leads going astray so that you don't trip over them etc.

There should be an adequate fire extinguisher/fire blanket in the studio. Click here to see our the lowest prices on fire extinguishers for sale

The room should have adequate seating that meet EEC regulations.

Good ventilation in the studio is a must, to stop electrical equipment overheating.

Keep extension leads to a minimum, dont overload sockets with adaptors, which could increase the chance of an electrical fire.



Health and Safety Executive Leaflet - Basic Advice On First Aid At Work




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