The Audio Production Suite -


Loft Before Conversion Loft Before Conversion Studio Floating Floor and Insulation Studio Floor Laid

Studio Partition Wall Building Studio Partition Wall Roof with Foam Applied Studio Plasterboarded

Studio Plasterboarded Studio Plastered and Complete Acoustic Tiles Ampthetex Studio

Ampthetex Studio Yamaha DJX-II Synthesizer Novation SuperBass Station Synthesizer Cheetah MD-16 Drum Machine

Numark BlueDog DJ Mixer Stanton Str8-30 Turntable Samson Servo 150 Amplifier Joe Meek MQ1 Internal Board

FAT FB-383 and Effects Rackmounted Alesis MultiMix Firewire 16 Effects Rackmount Roland MC-303 Groovebox





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